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Zaren Healey White 

I'm a St. John’s, Newfoundland based communications advisor, blogger, and feminist activist.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English and Women’s Studies from Memorial University (2010), a Master of Arts in English from McGill University (2012), and a Master of Gender Studies degree at Memorial (2016).

My MA research examines nineteenth-century American porno-gothic fiction. My major research paper is entitled "A Morbid and Depraved Appetite": Criminal Female Sexuality and the Porno-Gothic in George Thompson's Venus in Boston and City Crimes.  

My MGS research examines the work of Canadian transgender performer and artist Nina Arsenault and her autobiographical one-woman play The Silicone Diaries (2012).

I really, really, really love animals.

I’ve spent most of my life introducing myself as "Karen with a Z."

Publications and Public Speaking

Academically, I've has been published in Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture and Social Justice (2016), Theatre Research in Canada (2013) and the Memorial University journal At The Edge (2012).

In online magazines and newspapers, I've been published in Role Reboot, The Washington Post, and Mamamia. 

I've presented my work at academic conferences at the University of Victoria (2011), McGill University (2012), Memorial University (2013, 2014, 2015), the University of Winnipeg (2014), the University of Lisbon, Portugal (2014), and the University of Ottawa (2015). 

I critiqued the position that universities have become "politically correct" intellectual dead zones on the CBC radio program The 180 in June 2015. Listen here.

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